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EveryScape started with a small team full of big ideas. We wanted to change the world, and soon we found ourselves creating one. Today, our exceptional team, hundreds of passionate Everyscape ambassadors, and millions of enthusiasts are spearheading the movement of making virtual reality a reality for anyone, anywhere.

Meet The Team

Jim Schoonmaker
Jim Schoonmaker

Jim has spent over 25 years in the high technology industry, the last decade leading the team at EveryScape. He led the team to pioneering work such as “streetview like” immersive experiences before anyone else and brought those experiences to top brands and over 30,000 local customers.

Kamal Hassin
Kamal Hassin
Director of Business Development

Kamal is a technology enthusiast and business innovator. As Director of Business Development, Kamal is responsible for identifying and enabling innovative combinations between EveryScape technologies and the business needs of our valued partners.

I am a devoted Leafs fan, which is understandable since I’m from Ontario, but the company secretly holds it against me anyway. Maybe they’re just jealous they weren't able to grow up watching Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.

Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn
Head of Engineering

Matt runs the Software Development and IT functions for EveryScape from our headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts.

He has been building web applications in startup environments since 1996, and he's been at EveryScape since 2011.

I was a city boy for most of my adult life, but now I have a 135 year-old house in a semi-rural area where we have a variety of pets, including those of the feline, canine, piscine, and galline persuasions.

Apparently, I also embody some stereotypes about the affinity of Internet nerds for things like Star Wars™, Mountain Dew™, and avoiding direct sunlight.