Ambassador Program Details

Destination Ambassador

For anyone who has thought about starting up their own business, EveryScape’s Destination Ambassador program offers unlimited opportunities. By becoming a Destination Ambassador, you have “ownership” of an entire territory and its financial incentives. Maybe you dream of life on the road, or you’re just looking for a unique new job where you are the boss. The Destination Ambassador program offers a unique opportunity for an ambitious team of two.

So what is involved? Destination Ambassadors drive through specific towns and cities, capturing images of all the public spaces. EveryScape uses these images to create a virtual replica of that location.

Equipment & Training

Now for the details. We’ll give each Destination Ambassador team portable hard drives, four Canon XS cameras with lenses, a roof rig and a gps with sensors. We also ask you to invest in your new business venture by providing a vehicle and a laptop with Windows XP. During training sessions, we’ll show you how to use all of the equipment and will provide you with the tools to scape both the interiors and exteriors of an area. Don’t worry about knowing where to go – we’ll also provide and approve your driving routes.


Becoming a Destination Ambassador is an opportunity for you to make it as big as you'd like. The financial benefits have great potential for growth.

  • Earn money for each mile captured.
  • Exclusive rights to capture the public content in your specific areas.
  • Leadership experience - train and lead multiple team members.
  • Sales and Referral commissions for any WebScape you sell or refer to EveryScape.
  • Right of first refusal for all WebScape photography fees in your destination - these are fees from local business who are looking to become part of

The road is calling. Just Apply Here to get started. Or learn about our Local Business Ambassador program.