Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

What is EveryScape?

EveryScape provides eye-level, photographic content of major cities and towns around the world. The result is a way for a web visitor to essentially walk down the street and explore a neighborhood, attraction or town center as if they were actually standing on the street and moving around on foot. These immersive tours not only allow you to window shop, but actually walk right into a participating merchants’ establishment where you can experience their ambiance, see their product offerings or read their menu.

EveryScape partners with local organizations to create an on-line experience that allows residents, students, tourists and potential commercial visitors to learn more about a particular area, its businesses and attractions, the services its businesses have to offer, and the events taking place in its various venues. EveryScape is headquartered in Waltham, Mass.

What is EveryScape's Vision?

EveryScape's Vision is to create an online version of real cities and neighborhoods that will allow residents, tourists, businesses and potential visitors to learn more about the area, its businesses and attractions, the services its merchants have to offer, the events taking place in its various venues and more. What better canvas on which to learn about these things than a true online representation of the real thing.

Interested Business Owners:

What does a business need to do to participate in EveryScape?

To participate in EveryScape, a business needs to select one of EveryScape’s product offerings, complete the EveryScape Purchase Agreement Contract and information form and return it to your local representative or EveryScape via Fax (781) 893-5797. If you would like a copy of the EveryScape Purchase Agreement, Email Us or call the EveryScape Sales Department at (781) 250-4800.

Where can I find some examples of work that EveryScape has done?

You can find samples of our work at Beverly Hills, Boston, Aspen, New York City, and Laguna Beach are already filled with different types of businesses that you can visit.
In addition, you can Visit our Product Demo Showcase here.

What happens after a business agrees to participate?

Once a business agrees to join EveryScape, an EveryScape representative will contact the business to schedule a time to take the necessary photograph(s) and gather the appropriate listing information. This process is quick and depending on the exact number of photographs should take less than 15 minutes.

Once my business is digitally “Scaped”, where will my business be visible?

The online version of EveryScape with your business will be available at In addition, the “scape” of your business is available for inclusion on your own website and online marketing materials. EveryScape is also working to secure distribution relationships with various local, regional and national outlets, which are interested in making EveryScape content available to their audiences.

How much does it cost to participate in EveryScape?

The Mini WebScape package, our core offering, starts as low as $35/month for a 1 Room Mini WebScape, which will allow an end user to identify your business via a pop-up StoreFront listing located on your façade and then walk from the street into your business and look around.

What is a WebScape?

A WebScape is a virtual replica of a business showcased within your neighborhood on This asset can also be used by local partner sites, like Chambers of Commerce & Visitors Bureaus to promote businesses within the community. Included in your WebScape Package is a Storefront Listing and a customized Branded WebScape that matches your website. To enhance their WebScape a business owner can also add World Tags and VideoScapes. These add-ons provide a richer experience for potential customers.

What is the difference between a Mini WebScape and a WebScape?

A Mini WebScape consists of the ability to move seamlessly from the street into a participating business and look around via 360 degree panoramic views. The insides of most business establishments can be showcased with 10 or fewer 360 degree panoramic views. However, larger businesses with multiple rooms or multiple floors can convey more of their size, uniqueness and details of their space or breadth of product offerings by opting for our WebScape package.

Businesses signed up with EveryScape:

What do I need to do to prepare for the 360 Panoramic photo shoot?

To prepare for a photo shoot, you should make sure the areas to be shot are clean, neat and free from any clutter you prefer to hide prior to the photographer’s arrival. A single 360 degree panoramic photograph can tell a potential visitor an awful lot of useful information about your place of business; unfortunately, it can also show areas that are not neat and tidy.

For detailed information about preparing for a photo shoot refer to: EveryScape Photography Preparation

Should I have people, customers, or staff in the photos?

It is completely up to you whether you want people in the WebScape of your business. Having people in your WebScape tends to convey a sense of warmth and friendliness. However, if you choose to include people, we suggest you use employees, as we do not want to disturb your clients. Should you desire to include clients, EveryScape can provide you copies of a simple photo release form upon your request.

My WebScape is ONLINE. What Next?

There are several easy things you can do to promote and increase traffic to your WebScape:

Also you should consider having EveryScape promote your WebScape for you with our no-hassle Traffic Enhancer Package

Have more questions or feedback?

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