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EveryScape Partner with the Fulton Area Business Association and Pratt Area Community Council to Showcase Local Businesses

Brooklyn Comes to “The Real World Online”

WALTHAM, Mass. (September 18, 2008) — Today, EveryScape, creator of “The Real World Online,” announced a partnership with Brooklyn’s Fulton Area Business (FAB) Association and Pratt Area Community Council (PACC) to showcase local businesses within EveryScape’s immersive photorealistic world. “The Real World Online” is the first interactive experience that lets anyone online explore Central Brooklyn’s interiors and exteriors by walking down streets, and going inside local businesses and landmarks. Now with EveryScape visitors to the Fulton Area neighborhood can virtually walk through the community exploring the Fulton Mile and the historical brownstones in full detail at, and

“EveryScape lets people discover new destinations and serves as an incredible resource that goes beyond traditional maps, reviews, videos and photos,” said Jim Schoonmaker, CEO of EveryScape, Inc. “The Fulton Area Businesses of Brooklyn provides an eclectic variety of shops, restaurants, multi-cultural centers and hot spots. Now anyone planning a visit to the Fulton Area can experience it virtually from the comfort of their home or office.”

The Fulton Area Business (FAB) Association, along with Pratt Area Community Council (PACC) located in the heart of Central Brooklyn’s Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and the western Bedford-Stuyvesant communities is excited to announce a virtual tour of Central Brooklyn featuring some of our FABulous businesses of Central Fulton Street, Lafayette, Greene and Putnam Avenues. You will have the opportunity to virtually visit over 270 FABulous businesses along Central Fulton Street.

The Fulton Area Business (FAB) Association is a non-profit organization with a diverse and multicultural group of merchants along Fulton Street between Flatbush and Bedford Avenues, working together to make Fulton Street a safer, more beautiful shopping and dining destination. The FAB Association will have an official office space and visitors center on the ground floor of the 80 Arts building located at 80 Hanson Place near the corner of South Portland Ave.

With Phase I live, Web surfers can visually explore the Central Fulton Area exteriors, such as landmarks and neighborhood streets, find local businesses by category or name, as well as look up any location both at and through its partners, and . EveryScape recently incorporated enhanced features within “The Real World Online,” including a one-click meta search that serves as the gateway to the Web, World Tagging so businesses can upload their own photos and videos, and a larger viewing experience.

Phase II is currently underway, which offers local businesses the opportunity to showcase their physical locations with a “Storefront Listing” or with an enhanced “WebScape” that provides a 3-D experience of the businesses’ interiors. For the Central Fulton Area, EveryScape is a unique marketing tool since most visitors make their choices – for dining, entertainment, shopping, etc. – online before arriving. These listings also increase virtual foot traffic to a business location and offer the business owners an opportunity to highlight restaurant menus, products, services and much more.

"Partnering with EveryScape gives anyone in the world instant access to Fulton Area Businesses,” said Dale Charles of the Pratt Area Community Council. “EveryScape is helping us accelerate our mission to increase awareness of the diversity and quality of goods in our neighborhood, while integrating modern technology to enrich the experience for all visitors.”

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