Your WebScape is ONLINE. What Next?

A WebScape can only help your business if potential customers can find it. Below are some suggestions to ensure that you get as many virtual visits as possible.

Linking your WebScape to your website:

Use one of image links below or have a web developer create one for you. If you use one of our image links take the following steps:

  • 1) Copy the code corresponding to the link style
  • 2) Paste the code into the body of your existing webpage code - A spot on the homepage is ideal!
  • 3) IMPORTANT: After href= replace the text with the link to your WebScape in between the quotation marks.
    EXAMPLE: a href=""
  • 4) Publish and test the image link

Image Link Style A

Image Link Style B

Image Link Style C

Promoting your WebScape

Besides linking your WebScape to your website, there are many online tools and techniques to promote your WebScape. Here's a list of suggested resources:

  1. Search Engine Optimization - Make sure Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are finding your WebScape & Business Website.

  2. Email & Blog Marketing - If you have a newsletter or blog add a direct link to your WebScape when appropriate. If you don't yet have an email marketing campaign, Constant Contact is a great and easy to use tool.
  3. Search Engine Marketing - Read more below to find out how EveryScape can help you increase traffic to your WebScape with no hassle!

EveryScape's Traffic Enhancer Package

If Search Engine Marketing leaves you scratching your head, then you're not alone. Let EveryScape create traffic to your WebScape for you with no effort on your part! We guarantee at least 100 virtual visitors a month to your WebScape. Just imagine how much every NEW CUSTOMER means to your business and you can see why the Traffic Enhancer Package is such a valuable asset to the growth of your business.

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